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Interested in playing in VR? Come on down and take the machine for a roll. We’ve got a few systems you can play around on! Seven room-size HTC Vive systems (a 2 square meter play area) and one Virtuix Omni treadmill. Got a group of 3 or more? We are now accepting reservations for after 7pm! Check our calendar and give us a call at 218-444-5716!

We’re in uncharted territory when it comes to Virtual Reality. We are a Steam Cafe!!!! Here are some answers to common questions:

Q1. How reliable is it?

Very. We have done some extensive testing since we went live back in November.  We have all Vive systems running at peak performance, and there are no tracking problems.

Q2. What about motion sickness?

There’s a common thing called “VR Legs” that people who play a lot of VR games discuss. That’s not really a big deal for many of our games, as they are “fixed point” worlds. Basically to get around the game in those worlds, you teleport. When you teleport, it’s nearly instantaneous so your brain doesn’t register it as the world moving while the body is not. Just like in the real world, if you move away from a counter, the counter stays in one spot…you’re the one moving. In “fixed point” games, the same is true until you teleport! The instances of motion sickness in these games is under 1%.

Q3. What if I find a game I want to play but you don’t have it?

That’s where it helps to have us being a Steam Cafe. In cases like that, you can buy the game personally (usually it is MUCH cheaper to buy it then for me to license it) and then you can come in and play (for the time rates in the sidebar there, or if you’re a member, just come on down). You can get the full VR experience that YOU want without having to wait until I can license it!